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PG-6-L Stick Polishing Machine, Stick Drying Machine

PG-6-L Stick Polishing Machine, Stick Drying Machine
PG-6-L Stick Polishing Machine, Stick Drying MachinePG-6-L Stick Polishing Machine, Stick Drying MachinePG-6-L Stick Polishing Machine, Stick Drying MachinePG-6-L Stick Polishing Machine, Stick Drying MachinePG-6-L Stick Polishing Machine, Stick Drying Machine
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Wooden Ice-cream Stick Machine
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1 set
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Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo
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T/T, L/C
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Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 set


Ice-cream stick polishing machine
tongue depressor polishing machine


  Model: PG-6-L

  Name: Ice-cream Stick/Tongue Depressor  Polishing Machine


Technical Data

Machine Power

11 KW

Machine Size


Packing Size


The Diameter of the Roller


The Length of the Roller


We know how to make high quality  machines and the technology of how to make high quality ice cream stick or tongue depressor stick well.
If you want to set up this line, we will be your professional supplier.We have helped many company who are first time setting up ice cream stick or tongue depressor stick making to be sucessful.

We can offer our customers a whole package plan of the lines, anything regarding this line, we can provide you informations.
In China, the wood mainly used for making ice cream stick is birch wood tree.  

We also have an ice cream stick making factory, which the quality can meet Japan A grade standards. We have mature technology of how to make high quality sticks.

Our machines are widely exported to Indonesia,Russia, Argentina, UZ (Uzbekistan) and many countries. Welcome to visit our factory for further discussion.

All of our machines are keep innovation and improvement during the using. Our machines enjoy good merits and good feedback from customers.
We will also give you continous technical support when you using the machines. Our machine can provide CE certificates.

Our main machine series are as follows,
1.     Wooden Ice cream stick making machines
2.     Wooden Tongue depressor stick making machine
3.     Wooden Ice spoon making machine
4.     Wooden coffee stirring stick making machine
5.     Other wooden stick making and product making machines.

Our ice cream stick production line is designed very reasonable and also durable in using. 
We are adopting high quality and durable parts.

The main machine list is as follows,
1. Wood Log Cutting Machine  ( 1 to 2 SETS)
2. L520 Wood Rotary Cutting Machine  ( 1 SET)
3. CCM-003C Carved Cutting Machine ( 2 TO 3 SETS)
4. PG-6-L Stick Polishing Machine ( drying process):4 to 6 SETS
5. Steam Boiler (heat supply), Draught Fan, Heat Exchanger
6. Stick Order Arranging Machine
7. Chamfering Machine (angle making)
8. Dust Collecting & Polishing Machine (MGCC-6)
9. Quality Control Machine (Selecting Machine)
10. Branding Machine (logo printing machine)
11. Bundling Machine ( 50 pcs/bundle )
12. Temperature Control System /forklift/boiling tank/steel basket for wood holding etc.

It can enable you to make multiple products with different shape and sizes.

For more detailed production introduction of each machine, capacity, layout, technology concern and pricelist,
We will send you very detailed project proposals.
We sincerely wish our professional work will bring you high efficiency and benefit.

    Ice Cream Stick Video Link (Welcome to visit)

Completeline of ice cream stick machine (From wood into finished ice

Creamstick)—HOT VIDEO (pls copy the link address & Visit)


1.    Automatic Wood Cutting Machine (Advanced)

2.    L520 Wood Rotary Cutting Machine

3.    CCM-003C Carved Cutting Machine

4.    Ice Cream Stick Order Arranging Machine (LS-114)

5.    Ice cream stick Chamfering Machine

6.    Magnum Ice Spoon Chamfering Machine

7.    Ice cream stick Individual Packing Machine

8.    Ice Cream Stick Bundling Machine

9.    Tongue depressor stick selecting machine (quality control)

10.  Ice cream stick Branding Machine, Logo Printing Machine

Welcome to email us for more detailed information.

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Contact Person: ANGEL ZHOU