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Chopstick Paper Bag Making Machine

Chopstick Paper Bag Making Machine
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chopstick paper bag making machine


Our company has innovated a new generation of chopstick cover making
machine. It is suitable for the paper (60 to 157 g).

NAME: Automatic Chopstick Cover Making Machine
NO. ITEM Technical Data
1 .The Max. Speed of working:  12,000 PCS/HOUR
2.  The width adjusting range : 28 to 60 MM
3 . Machine Power: 0.75 KW
4.  Machine Weight :650 KGS
The finished products made from our machine are widely used in hotels and high
grade places.
1. Easy Operation
2. Less Occupying of the Land
3. Convenient of Gluing
4. Easy Cleaning
5. Less wastage
6. High Efficiency
7. It can meet many requirements.